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Friday, March 25, 2011

The Story of Davidson’s Tea

Since 1976 (or 1977, depending on which source you go by) a tea company in the U.S. has been steadily building a reputation for carrying fine teas. That company is Davidson’s Tea located in Sparks, Nevada, next door to Reno.

There’s an old joke in Reno that it’s so hot there you can…

Read the rest of the article on The English Tea Store Blog.

Davidson’s is heavily into organics, which involves the avoidance of pesticides and fertilizers in favor of things like cow manure and labor-intensive methods of keeping insects away from the crops. This usually leads to lower yields and higher costs to you at the store with no evidence that there is any increased quality or that pesticides and fertilizers are harmful to you. Whether you want to do business with someone who is actively working to reduce the supply and therefore increase the costs to you is your choice.

Some facts on the mumbo jumbo of organics.

They are also heavily into the Fair Trade movement. I am currently researching what this is and will be posting my findings here along with my take on it. (What, you expect me not to have an opinion here? Hee!)

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