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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

New Product from The Devotea U.S. — Spiced Tea Meat Rubs!

Once upon a time a guy, his wife, his hat, and a little yellow rubber ducky from Australia made tea history with their videos on tea. (Actually, his wife was not in the videos too much but her influence was there, especially in that fine set of dishes on display behind him.) Then, they progressed to being a tea vendor, sending forth samples to folks like us to be tested, always a brave and somewhat scary thing for any tea vendor to do. And the teas were good, and the reviewers were pleased. And so the guy, his wife, his hat, and the little yellow rubber ducky extended their operations to the U.S. and built a tea-bridge of sorts from that “land down under” to “the new world,” as the Europeans called it. And their conquest of the tea market had barely begun when they brought forth a new product line called “meat rubs.” And the world ate happily ever after! (Their idea guide.)

Well, that’s the fairy tale version. We don’t know yet how the real story will end since we just got the samples. Hubby and I will need to do a bit of shopping. Each meat rub is intended to go with certain meats (don’t worry, a guide sheet comes with the rubs) or you can use them in vegetable dishes as a spice. They are mixes of tea, spices, and other stuff. You rub them on the meat (thus the name “meat rub”) before cooking. It should be very interesting to see how everything turns out.

The big package on the left side of the photo is Aussie Ginger Chai. “Chai” means “tea” but in the U.S. is usually used to mean a spiced tea. This tea is an Aussie grown black tea with ginger, cinnamon, and other spices. Little Yellow Teapot shown here did a steeping. See the results here: http://lyt-tea-reviews.blogspot.com/2013/09/the-tea-gang-explores-aussie-ginger.html

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The Devotea said...

Thank you for your story!
We have just finished a photo shoot and created a new and improved ideas sheet which is available on our site.

Nicole Schwartz said...

I do love a good fairy tale! especially delicious ones.